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Google Auto translating SERP’s

Google shows link for an auto translated serp result

Google Compare the Market

I stumbled across this today when one of our salesman pointed out Google offering a credit card comparison. If you click on the link to: It shows a page full of adds and the ability to apply now! I’m

Make your mind up linkedin!?!

Further on from my post last month about duplicate content on Linkedin and came across it again today, what become frustrating is that they have decided to make some geographic refernces to the people on linkedin and so I came

Anouther Example of Minty Fresh Results

I spotted this one the other day but it’s my first chance to Blog about it. It cocerns Google “Minty fresh results”. For full details you can read Matt Cutts blog on “Minty Fresh indexing” but in brief i dicovered

Google’s now showing naviagtion hierarchy in SERP’s

It’s been a few weeks since I had a spare second to write a post so I thought I’d put an update out, many of you will probably be familar with this information but for those who are not it’s

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