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Social Media Agency Manchester

Social media is a powerful tool when it comes to connecting with your target audience. It gives your brand personality and allows for direct interaction with customers.

Using a number of bespoke in house tools, we can identify the key influencer’s within your sector. Our social media team work to build relationships with these key influencer’s on your behalf. By forming relationships through the sharing of relevant content, these key influencers will become ambassadors for your brand. They will encourage others others to follow suit.

Paid Social Ads Manchester

Social Paid Ads are common place on today’s devices, using social adverts we can target specific demographics and audiences. We can get customers in front of your brand that have related interests to your products and services. Social advertising can drive leads and sales towards your business and should become an essential part of your marketing arsenal.

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Social Media Ad Management Manchester

Social media ads  can help you to communicate with your clients or your customer base and a great way to attract future business and consequently a way to thrive and grow. Your voice on social media must therefore be pleasantly loud and consistently clear, and at all times it should accurately convey your brand’s personality and values.

Our in-house social media advertising team have both the nous and the know-how to represent your brand and what it stands for, whatever you do, on numerous social media platforms. They will smoothly manage all aspects of your social media campaigns, run your social media advert accounts on your behalf, thereby making sure that your brand becomes well-known, well-trusted and celebrated.

As well as keeping your existing clients and customers happy, another major aim of our social media department is to capture new business for you. We go about doing this by posting relevant, engaging and eye-catching content on your behalf, which is memorable to people and gets across the personality or your brand.

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Social Media Advertising Manchester

Facebook Advertising Manchester

The vast majority of internet users are Facebookers; it is the platform to appeal to the masses as well as find your niche audience. It is a natural place to start marketing and advertising online.

Giving your business a great social media presence helps develop brand awareness and, thanks to advanced targeting capabilities, means you can position your business directly in front of key target audiences.

Linkedin Advertising Manchester

LinkedIn is the best place to find the decision makers, the audience you want to attract as a B2B company. With LinkedIn marketing and management, you can improve your brand visibility and convert followers to customers.

LinkedIn has 450 million registered users and 45% of them are in upper management positions. This means the platform is full of decision makers; decision makers who – with the right strategy and careful targeting – have the potential to see your business.

Linkedin Advertising Manchester
Social Media Advertising Manchester

Twitter Advertising Manchester

Twitter is a great place to build a loyal following. With snappy tweets and Twitter ads, you can attract new audiences and showcase your brand’s personality.

Whether you’re a B2B or B2C company, Twitter is a great platform for helping you reach a new audience. With 66% of people stating they’ve discovered a new small or medium-sized business on Twitter and 69% of people having purchased from an SMB because of something they saw on Twitter, it’s a digital marketing tool you really should not ignore.

Social Media Management Manchester

We make highly effective use of several social media management tools, such as HootSuite and Sprout Social, from which we can effectively manage your social campaign over many social media platforms simultaneously. All the while, we make sure we maximise all of your potential in the social networking world. The more social platforms your business operates well on, the more exposure you will have online. This will create a much better buzz around your company and attract a lot more customers – ones who never knew of you beforehand.

The beauty of these tools is that we are constantly engaged with our client’s audience. As soon as someone connects with us, we’re notified and from there we ensure that the conversation flows – and in the manner it should. Using these tools as opposed to going through the standard social media platforms ensures that we are not only managing our client’s communications well, but very efficiently. In turn, this approach shows to the world that our clients’ brands are quick to respond and just as reactive as they would be in everyday business.



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