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Over 20 Years of Link Building Experience.

With over 20 years of experience in link building Manchester, we can help you make your business more visible.

Link Building for SEO Manchester

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Link building and Digital PR for SEO is a fine art balancing quality, visibility and relevance to make your website available – just one click away – in more places across the web and in more publications.

Our Link Building Department use their specialist knowledge to build links back to your website through story placement, citation directories and more advanced content projects. Making your website more visible in lots of locations across the web. The more links and citations you have, the more visible you are.

You might think that you would be able to just put a link back to your site on any old website, but this could actually damage your business. Google has cracked down on ‘Black Hat’ techniques like this so you need to be careful when choosing the best sites to place those links. So if you are selling scented candles, putting a link to your site on a goat herding website may not be the best idea…

When we place links, we are looking for a two key things: relevance and quality. So, if you are selling scented candles, we will aim to find sites that are relevant to your topic and business. Then we will refine the search to find the highest quality sites and publications so that your link will appear in the best light.

This means that elements like the context of the content surrounding the link determines the quality of that link and the power it brings to your site.


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Through our huge range of skills and our marketing capabilities, we can really make sure your website gain the search engine ranking it deserves.

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Content Marketing Creation

As with all the services we offer, we begin with research. We look for the most influential websitesand journalists in your industry, and then target these sites and writers when looking for suitable locations for links. This includes using techniques like looking at competitor backlink profiles to understand who the influencers are in the industry.

Researching and targeting in this way means that we ensure that the backlinks we get for you leads to better search rankings. Google makes constant changes to its ranking algorithm so we are always working to stay ahead of the changes Google makes, and ahead of your competitors.

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Viral Content

Content is another key part of link building so we will work with our Content Marketing Department to generate useful content for outreach. This form of link building generates links with relevant context surrounding them and increases the chances of people talking about your business.

Through using a wide range of digital PR and link building techniques and developing a carefully planned and well executed link building strategy, we can help your website get in the right places, with the right people clicking through.

Some of our Link Acquisition Campaigns Manchester

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Complete Transparent Reports

We get right down to business. Our team of specialists will provide monthly, weekly and even daily updates on your company’s local SEO needs so that we can keep things transparent.

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Local Search engine optimisation is the practice of modifying a website and Google my business listing to ensure that your site ranks higher in major search engines when users carry out a local search query.

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