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With over 20 years of experience in local search marketing, we can help you make your business more visible.

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It is easy to overlook the importance of local SEO but it is actually one of the best ways to increase traffic to your website and improve your conversion rate.

We start by making sure that the content on your site clearly states the areas you work in. This ensures that Google knows where you work and will help them to include you in relevant and location-based search terms.

To help Google determine your location, we always include location information in the schema markup. We can give your website the best possible chance to appear for the right search results by making sure that elements like these are correctly filled out.

We will also ensure that you have a good My Business profile, including a useful description and relevant business information such as location, phone number and opening times. This is good SEO practice anyway but works particularly well if you want to improve your local SEO.

Local SEO is easily integrated into your overall link building strategy as links from local websites can also help to boost your local SEO.


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Through our huge range of skills and our marketing capabilities, we can really make sure your website gain the search engine ranking it deserves.

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How Small Businesses Benefit from Local SEO Marketing

Small businesses benefit from local SEO because it allows you to narrow your targeting to only local users. This is good because it means that you also reduce the amount of competition you are up against by refining the search details. So, instead of competing with all the companies selling candles in the UK, you are just competing with companies selling candles in your location.

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Localised Searches

Local SEO allows you to catch your customers on the go while they are out shopping. So, if a shopper is in town and looking for somewhere nearby that sells candles they might use their smartphone to Google their request and your local candle shop would do well in these local rankings. This can lead to quick in store sales as it aims to draw people to your physical location as well as your website.

Local SEO

It is easy to overlook the importance of local SEO but it is actually one of the best ways to increase traffic to your website and improve your conversion rate. There is a huge amount of local searches carried out each day for local products and services, being in a prominent position in the local search results can make a huge impact on your business.

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We get right down to business. Our team of specialists will provide monthly, weekly and even daily updates on your company’s local SEO needs so that we can keep things transparent.

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Local Search engine optimisation is the practice of modifying a website and Google my business listing to ensure that your site ranks higher in major search engines when users carry out a local search query.

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