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We create viral content campaigns as part of our content marketing Manchester services.

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Using Content for SEO

Content marketing is key in our strategy to make your company the ‘brand in mind’ for your industry; ie. the name that everyone thinks of when they think about your sector. This is the end game of all our marketing activities.

By creating informative and useful resources with no specific sales message, we can market your product, without actually marketing your product. The tools, reports and data visualisations we create for you are distributed online. This targeted approach builds preferential attachment to your brand; something customers will keep in mind when they need the services you provide.

To be effective, we create digital tools that are thoroughly researched. Our data collection and presentation methods enable us to create content which will be shared, linked to and talked about.

Content Marketing manchester

We understands the benefits of strategic inbound marketing and content marketing.

Some of our Content Marketing Campaigns Manchester

Examples of some of Content Marketing Campaigns

Content Agency based in Manchester

What is content marketing?

Digital marketing is becoming ever-more reliant on quality content. We have a strong team of content writers, designers, developers and search strategists who are capable of producing thoughtful, engaging and shareable content pieces which will really strengthen your online presence. Without content, websites would not be able to rank properly on search engines and customers cannot be informed about a company’s services.

Content marketing is different to the traditional forms of advertising. Instead of bombarding potential customers with the ‘hard sell’ – which is seemingly becoming less effective as people learn to tune out – content marketing aims to educate and inform. In short, a piece of content marketing is something the recipient will genuinely find useful. A good piece of content marketing does not sell a product directly. The only attachment to the company sending it out should be consistent and clear branding throughout the document.

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For content marketing to be truly effective, it should always be created with a specific audience in mind. When it comes to content marketing and SEO, the content created should have a key principle of who will share or link to it appose to who may buy your product or service.

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Viral Content

We’ve worked on Viral content marketing campaigns which have had thousands of shares online and high profile coverage to smaller campaigns aimed at journalist coverage and integrating with our digital PR team.

From idea creation to development and then finally out reach, our team works on each step to ensure a successful campaign.



Gain Links through Content

Our team works as your digital marketing partner, integrated with your business objectives, reporting on what matters most to keep our focus firmly on the key objectives.