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The vast majority of internet users are Facebookers; it is the platform to appeal to the masses as well as find your niche audience. It is a natural place to start marketing and advertising online. With over 1.7 billion users, Facebook is a fantastic platform to reach a valuable online audience. It’s reported that six new Facebook profiles are created every second!

Giving your business a great social media presence helps develop brand awareness and, thanks to advanced targeting capabilities, means you can position your business directly in front of key target audiences. Although we’re a Manchester based agency, our Facebook management and advertising services have helped hundreds of clients across the world to achieve their business objectives.

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Social Paid Ads are common place on today’s devices, using social Using Facebook for business is a great way to engage with your audience; whether it’s promoting a new product range, answering queries or sharing topical news and information.

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It’s accepted that businesses are finding it harder and harder to reach their audiences on Facebook. Facebook has cracked down on ‘spammy’ brand activity and is only keen to help you expand the reach of your posts if they’re of a great quality and likely to engage your target audiences. This means that careful Facebook management is key for your brand’s overall success.

Facebook Paid Ads Manchester

We take the time to analyse your current online audience and your target audience to find out who they are, what they like and the kind of content that they respond well to. We then design a strategy whereby we create tailored content and share news that we know is going to grab your audience’s attention. This helps build brand-audience relationships.

When your audience see your content on their newsfeed or shared by one of their friends, they associate your brand with posts that are worth their attention. The long-term goal? For this audience to become brand ambassadors by talking about you online and, ultimately, for them to put their trust in you and become a loyal customer.

As well as managing the posts on your Facebook page, we do a whole lot more. From optimising your profile (including updating all your key business information and creating a great banner image) to managing competitions and undertaking competitor research, we’ll work hard to enhance your Facebook presence.

Unfortunately, a reported 40 percent of users don’t like any brand pages, meaning paid adverts are the only truly effective and measurable way to ensure you reach them. But don’t let this put you off! Creating highly targeted, creative paid campaigns can yield great results and ROI at a low cost per result. Read on…

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Facebook Campaign Management

Advertising on Facebook is central to business success on social media. Using the tools at our disposal enables us to have unprecedented levels of access to your target market, ensuring that your brand message is delivered appropriately. By creating and managing campaigns using paid social media, we can significantly increase engagement and maximise ROI.

You set the parameters of your target demographic (age, location, age, interests, affiliation, job title, salary, followers of competitors, etc.) and we use this information to construct a dynamic advert that will be visible in the newsfeeds of the audience you wish to engage with. Creating great ads is something we specialise in. Not only will they be targeted to the right audience, they’ll look great too. We collaborate with our in-house design team to create your Facebook ads – whether they’re image, video or slideshow.

Facebook Remarketing

With Facebook, ads can be optimised to achieve your objective. So whether you want more site traffic, to increase lead generation or to boost sales, we can get your campaigns working accordingly.

Social Media Remarketing is a fantastic way to ensure reach to highly-valuable audiences.

Using Facebook remarketing tools, we can help your business appear seamlessly in front of audiences who have already visited your website. This usually results in a lower cost and higher conversion rate.

By setting up tracking pixels we can be sure to report back on exactly which adverts generated you the most site visits, leads, sales or enquiries. It’s clever marketing with the tangible results to match.

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If you have questions about starting a paid ads campaign on Facebook, anything from the technical implementation to campaign management please get in touch.