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Our PPC Manchester pay per click campaigns will drive traffic & sales to your website.

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Our pay per click management campaigns will drive traffic to your website in large numbers. The paid search specialists in our team can deliver a campaign which is financially viable, with a solid return on your investment. We provide the planning, set-up, optimisation and management of a solid PPC service for your Manchester businesses. Attention to detail ensures that all of our campaigns are effective, regardless of budget and scale.

We know that the key to running a successful PPC campaign is intensive management. By identifying which keywords will be most useful to your business, and ensuring they are bid upon correctly, we can get the most out of your budget and increase traffic. rive large amounts of traffic to your website on a consistent basis. Our team of paid search specialists will devise a highly strategic pay per click campaign for you, which will deliver a solid return on the money you invest.

The campaigns we come up with not only drive much more traffic to your websites, but are financially viable as well. Providing our customers with value for money and a clear return on their investment is at the heart of what we do.


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PPC Agency based in Manchester

Google Ads (Formerly Adwords)

If you want to advertise on Google (which of course you do), you have to bid on keywords (or keyword phrases) which are relevant to your target audience. This is done through Google’s AdWords platform – and you bid on the keywords and keyword phrases which are relevant to what you are trying to sell, in order to make your adverts rank high up in search results.

How does it work? Well, for example, if your website sells walking boots, you will bid on the phrase ‘walking boots’ and other related key phrases associated with walking boots in order to get your advert to appear on the search results. The highest bidder is the person whose adverts appear first.

There are many different forms of pay per click adverts, including text (which is one of the most common kinds) and graphical (banner adverts). You can also employ numerous other tactics such as remarketing, which means that your adverts can reach your target audiences for much longer after they have visited your website.

Pay Per Click Advertising Manchester

Pay per click management is a highly effective marketing strategy which is designed to drive more traffic to your website for highly focused keywords. A successful pay per click campaign will push your adverts and web pages further up on Google and other search engine results pages (SERPs), which makes your website much more visible and thereby much more successful.

Google Shopping Ads Manchester

Google Ads Shopping Campaigns

This is a fantastic form of PPC for online businesses of any kind, because it means that adverts for specific products appear in Google results – above all other results. Google Shopping adverts also have the price attached and generally an image of the product in question, and so the searcher can see what your product looks like and how much it costs even before they have clicked onto your website – this is an incredibly effective way of driving traffic, as you are effectively dangling your products in front of your target audience by way of Google search results.

Display Advertising

Similar to text PPC adverts, Display PPC adverts commonly come in the form of banners and in other such visually inviting ways. The ad space is bid on in the same way that the text adverts are. Image adverts are very commonly found on YouTube – both in search results and at the top of pages. Display advertising is often very power if you display your products and services to potential customers on sites where customers are researching.

Google Display Advertising
Re-marketing Ads

Remarketing & Retargeting

Also referred to as ‘retargeting’, remarketing is a PPC tactic used by Google, which allows you to show adverts to users who have already visited your site. The beauty of it is that you can engineer it so that these previous visitors are shown adverts which are specifically tailored to them, based on the sections of your website they visited when they were on it. Your adverts will appear on Google when they type in search queries, and even on other websites they visit which are also part of the Google Display Network. The remarketing cookie is set by Google, and usually lasts for 90 days – which means that you effectively are able to advertise to visitors for around three months after their initial visit. This is a PPC method which is proven to deliver great results, and is something we specialise in here at Neil Walker Digital and is great for:

  • Retaining Seasonal Traffic Swings
  • Staying in front of customers in the research phase
  • Converting customers at a lower cost per enquiry compared to text ads
  • Discovering where your customers research

YouTube Video Advertising

As YouTube is of course owned by Google, it employs very similar advertising tactics. When you search for videos on YouTube, relevant adverts appear at the top of the search results and at the side. In addition to that, video adverts (as in adverts which are clips) at the start of YouTube videos are now extremely common as well.

Given that YouTube has so many visitors, pay per click marketing on YouTube is an extremely popular option, and one which is proven to work. There are graphical banner adverts at the top of YouTube pages as well, which are another method of trying to entice visitors – they are obviously very eye-catching and will capture the attention of the web user.

Youtube Adverting

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