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Over 20 Years of Search Engine Optimisation Experience.

At Neil Walker Digital, we’re the go-to for all things SEO Macclesfield. From Google Local and Technical SEO to website design or SEO services—we’ve got you covered!

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Looking for a trusted SEO in Macclesfield?

Are you looking for “SEO Macclesfield”? Neil Walker is an experienced search engine optimisation specialist who has been working with local businesses in the area since 2002. He knows how to give companies what they need, whether it be helpful SEO strategies or just general Digital marketing advice—and he’s done this successfully!

With With over 11,000 businesses in Macclesfield and many that are not using the web efficiently it’s time to put your business on a digital marketing diet. Whether you’re unsure about Link Building or Local Map Listings we’ve got all types of SEO support all the way through new website designs and working on Google’s core vitals.

We are dedicated to Digital, focused on SEO for Macclesfield companies and fundamentally understand how search engines work.

If your looking for an SEO company in Macclesfield or someone to talk to about your website, get in contact.

SEO Macclesfield


One of Macclesfield’s most Trusted SEO Consultants

No matter the size or objectives of your business, our 20 years of experience, ensures that we not only understand your industry’s SEO requirements, but can also help facilitate Macclesfield companies individual needs to help them continue to grow.

Small to Medium Businesses

SME’s in Macclesfield all require SEO help and support with their digital marketing. Neil and his team at help them find cost effective solutions to grow their businesses.

Large Businesses & Corporate

Our SEO team work with a number of large businesses and Public Companies, helping board level personal to understand digital and how it can help grow their enterprise.

In House Marketing Teams

We have helped to develop small agencies, PR firms and work with in house digital marketing teams to develop their SEO strategies.

SEO Strategy Macclesfield

A successful campaign starts with an analysis and discovery of what you’re doing, who’s in front or behind it? And learning about any competitors that could pose a threat to future growth. It all points towards defining some key elements such as keywords which will help us produce better quality content so people can find more easily on search engines like Google!

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Technical SEO Manchester

Technical SEO Macclesfield

Technical SEO is often overlooked and it can have a huge impact on how well your site ranks. We work with many clients that don’t meet basic requirements like Title tags, Meta Tags or URL structure because they were built from scratch without considering what search engines need in order for Search Engine bots to navigate the page properly – this includes things such as crawl analysis (urls), structured data types used by Google for ranking purposes called Microformats/Schema and much more. Our team does all kinds of different kindso f behind-the scenes technical stuff so you never miss out.

Local SEO Macclesfield

Local SEO is one of the best ways to increase traffic and improve conversion rates. Local searches are carried out each day for products & services, being in a prominent position can make all the difference Local SEO is one of the best ways to increase traffic and improve conversion rates. Local searches are carried out each day for products & services, being in a prominent position can make all the difference between success or failure—especially when it comes down to your local business! The importance of optimising on Google Maps cannot be understated; many companies want their businesses found online (and especially those operating physical locations).

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Link Building & Digital PR

Link building is an artful balancing act between quality, visibility and relevance to make your website available in more places across the web. When we place links it’s important that they’re both relevant as well high-quality so visitors can easily find what you offer on their search engines of choice!

Complete Transparent Reports

We get right down to business. Our team of experts will provide monthly, weekly and even daily updates on your company’s SEO needs so that we can keep things transparent.

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Take back control of your SEO.

Search engine optimisation (SEO), is the practice of modifying a The search engines are able to see and understand the content on your site, so a friendly tone will help them believe that you’re an important resource in this field. The more back links there are from other websites linking (backing up) those words with their own research – or even just one article- then it tells Google how much value people find with what they offer!

The primary task for any SEO company is to understand what the search engine gods are looking for and which elements they give greater weight. Black hat techniques may be employed in order get ahead of your competitors, but natural and ethical Internet marketing strategies will always prevail with Google’s webmaster guidelines as long lasting positions are achieved through these methods that abide by their standards.