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We create viral content campaign as part of our Digital PR Manchester services.

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Digital PR Agency Manchester

Using Digital PR for SEO

We are a full-service digital consultancy that combines strategic thinking with in-house production.

We specialise in delivering truly integrated communication campaigns under one roof, so our clients don’t need several agencies for one job.

Our hybrid approach involves strategists, search, social and Digital PR experts working alongside designers, developers and film makers. This creates an environment and process where creative ideas and meticulous planning converge to produce award-winning campaigns.

We’ve worked on story placement to gain credible coverage and links back to your website. Digital Tools and Viral Content. As Digital PR agency in Manchester we have connections with journalists across the country and are able to establish relationships between them and your brand.

Digital PR Agency Manchester

Some of our Digital PR Campaigns Manchester

Examples of some of Digital PR Campaigns

Digital PR Agency based in Manchester

Tools, Data & Content Creation

We offer targeted, strategic consultancy based on thorough research to identify the digital channels where audiences specifically fit your target demographic and can be reached.

Our campaigns are then tailored to those channels – always with our clients’ key objectives front of mind – whether that be to enhance or protect their reputation, build advocacy, raise awareness or increase engagement.

Digital PR Agency Manchester
Digital PR Manchester

Viral Content

Content is major asset for Digital PR, we brainstorm and refine ideas with our Content Marketing Department to something which will be shared, pickup by journalists and ultimately linked to. This form of Digital PR generates links with relevant context surrounding them and increases the chances of people talking about your business.

Through using a wide range of digital PR techniques and developing a carefully planned and well executed strategy, we can help your business get in the right places.

Story Placement

By researching trends and topics within your industry we can find key stories that journalist want to cover. We write these with your company as a trusted source to get online readers to recognise your brand.

As a digital PR agency in Manchester we work both on local and national campaigns and have clear goals for each project. Whether that’s to drive links to your website or traffic from key sources we always aim to over deliver.

Story Placement



Gain Links through PR

Our team works as your digital marketing partner, integrated with your business objectives, reporting on what matters most to keep our focus firmly on the key objectives.