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Pay Per Click (PPC) Agency based in Wilmslow

We are a company that specialises in pay per click management campaigns. Our team can deliver an effective PPC service for your business, regardless of budget or scale! We provide the planning set-up optimisation and management to make sure all our ads drive traffic seamlessly, while being profitable at every level. Our attention to detail ensures high conversion rates across devices which is key when creating successful PPC strategies.

You can run a successful PPC campaign by identifying which keywords will be most useful to your business, and ensuring they are bid on correctly. We’ll get the most out of your budget with our highly strategic pay per click efforts that deliver solid returns for you!

We put your campaign on the map with targeted, high-quality traffic. We help you make money off those visitors – by getting them to sign up or buy something and ultimately gain new customers through PPC.


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PPC Agency based in Wilmslow

Google Ads (Formerly Adwords)

If you want to be seen on Google (which of course, wouldn’t we all?), then it’s crucial that your adverts appear high up in the search engine results. This is done through their Google Ads platform – and bidders will bid for keywords or phrase related to what they’re trying sell so as long as these words appear within an advert alongside others like “walking boots,” those advertisers could potentially win searches too!

The most common form of pay per click advertising is text-based ads. You can also use banners or other graphics to promote your product, then other strategies like remarketing, this technique will reach potential customers even after they leave the web page where it was advertised on!

Pay per click management is a highly effective marketing strategy which is designed to drive more traffic to your website for highly focused keywords.

Pay Per Click Advertising Manchester

A successful pay per click campaign will push your adverts and web pages further up on Google and other search engine results pages (SERPs), which makes your website much more visible and thereby much more successful.

Google Shopping Ads Manchester

Google Ads Shopping Campaigns

With a Google Shopping PPC strategy, you can guarantee that your adverts for specific products appear in Google search results – above all other results. Additionally they have the price attached and generally an image of what’s being sold so viewers know how much it costs before clicking onto website or app page! This is one very effective way of driving traffic because we’re dangling our gorgeous goods right before their eyes.

Display Advertising

Display ads are usually seen as visuals that grab your attention and make it easy for customers who might not have otherwise found what they were looking to view your products and services. Google has access to hundred of thousand of third party websites, advertisers who want to show relevant adverts on their websites, so with a creative display campaign we can target users with ads relevant to them.

Google Display Advertising
Re-marketing Ads

Remarketing & Retargeting

Retargeting is a perfect way to engage with your customers who have already seen the product they want. You can show them specific ads based on what products/pages they have visited on your site. You can then in essence follow users around the web with focused adverts.

The remarketing cookie is set by Google, and usually lasts for 90 days – which means that you effectively are able to advertise to visitors for around three months after their initial visit. This is a PPC method which is proven to deliver great results, and is something we specialise in here at Neil Walker Digital and is great for:

  • Retaining Seasonal Traffic Swings
  • Staying in front of customers in the research phase
  • Converting customers at a lower cost per enquiry compared to text ads
  • Discovering where your customers research

YouTube Video Advertising

Video advertising is a great way to get your message across and it’s even more effective when you use video ads. YouTube has many visitors, which means that pay per click marketing on their site can be an extremely popular option for advertisers looking at increasing brand awareness. There are also graphical banner adverts placed along side videos within search results, both approaches aim towards enticing people who may not have otherwise seen your products and services to engage with your website.

Youtube Adverting

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