Google Auto translating SERP’s

I stumbled across the strangest results in Google today, when looking at some Multilingual Optimisation. Basically a website had sub pages optimised for different languages, my normal suggestions for this type of SEO is:

  • Sub Domains
  • or
  • Geographic TLD’s

But this hadn’t been done, it was a niche market I was looking at, so I started digging to see what the results were like for The site I was researching ranked on the first page of for the phrase in question, but as I scrolled down I noticed something I hadn’t seen before in Google.

For those who don’t read German it says “See translated English results for”. I was intrigued so I clicked on the link and was taken to a new set of search results.

You may notice the text which says “Originaltext anzeigen” this loosely translated means “Original text indicate”.

I clicked on the plus sign for it to expand with the original website SERP result non translated.

I researched a little deeper and found this can be done easily by going to type in a query in another language and Google will auto translate the SERP for you in English or which ever language you like.

Nifty trick, just the first time I’ve seen it appear in a live SERP result.

Let me know you experiences.

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