Google Officially Comment on Dealing with low-quality backlinks

For the last two days I’ve been at the London SEOmoz seminars, some very interesting information came out but I’ll save those for a series of other blogs. So I’ve walked into the office this morning and start going through my RSS subscriptions. The one which really caught my eye was on the “Official Google Webmaster Central Blog” the Article was: “Dealing with low-quality backlinks“.

I might be a bit late on the tail with this as it was posted at the end of friday, but it least gives SEO‘s and online business owners a useful aspect on what Google mya do if you have approched the wrong site for link aquasition. We often deal with clients at Just Search which come to us after recieving thousands of links from less reputable methods and are first thoughts are how can we get these links removed. You try and try but it becomes more and more effort then actually building the links in the first place.

What you need to remember is that becuase content is syndicated around the web you may find links to your site on site which you do not agree with. However what is useful to note from the Google article is that you should continue to focus on the positive aspects i.e.

  • Good Content
  • Good SEO
  • High Quality links

The lower quality links will tend to fall off at somepoint.

Useful points to know!

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