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Month: October 2008

The Psychology of seo

Psychology of seo

Alot of web designer and internet marketeers forgot about the Psychology of Search. Firstly lets think about what happens when you search, this article will cover a few aspects of the Psychology of Search. Types of Searches Generic – High

Yahoo web analytics

Yahoo web analytics

Well i’m sure most budding SEO’s are already aware that Yahoo have introduced their own Analytical package if you didn’t, you do now. Well firstly why would they offer this package? – Simply imagine getting the analytical data from

8 SEO tips for Geographic Targeting

Geographic targeting

Ok one very important thing in SEO is targeting a specific country, so how do you do it, a lot of SEO’s will rarely even think about it because it can come naturally but sometime you can do all the

Web Usability basic priniciples

Usability basics

The most simple guide to looking at web usability is KISS (keep it simple stupid) now i’m not calling you stupid, but you should firstly you should focus on design, Don’t: Use flash intro pages Make your search box, simple

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