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Month: June 2010

Who’s the best at SEO in the UK North or South?

I was out for a drink last night with a few of the guys from the Manchester SEO linkedin Group. We were talking about the talent of SEO Companies in Manchester and the north and I joked about putting up

New to SEO? Here’s some resources you may find useful!

This is an article for SEO Newbie’s ion where to find resources.

Clarity about Majestic SEO, and a way to use it you probably never thought of!

Clarity about how Majestic SEO works and how to use the information wisely.

Using Google Analytics to prove the SEO Long tail theory

Proving if the long tail theory still work in SEO

Google (SEO) Organic CTR Segmented by brand, Product and location

Extension of my original article on Organic CTR

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