SASCON Advanced Link Building Panel

Well i’m still on paternity leave but I found a spare minute to get my presentation and to write a quick blog post from my experiences from SASCON Advanced link Building Panel.

I was joined on the panel by some top SEO‘s from around the country and globe such as:

Ralph Tegtmeier

Joost De Valk

Richard Baxter

Kristjan Mar Hauksson

I got a good chance to speak everyone on the panel and you will often find that at events like this some of the best conversation come from the networking side, however seminars are a useful expression and help start the right conversations.

A special thanks to Peter Young and everyone at SASCON especially the people I had drinks with in the evening. I could write a lot in this blog post about the day but I will state that it was a success ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway please find below my presentation. Hope you find it informative.

For the live blogging round up and other information go to: or Search Twitter for #sascon

Also thanks for the images by Mark Mayne

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