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My visit to Google

Friday last week Iwent with some collegues from Just Search for our regular visit to Google’s European Office in Dublin. We try and make sure we keep in touch on a regular basis with our contacts within Google and as usual this was anouther helpful visit.

For those people who are unaware of Google’s ethos or work enviroment then I can shed some light. It’s a relaxed atmosphere whereby your breaks and lunch food & drink is provided free of charge, it’s a dress down atmophere which give the employee’s the creative flair which they love to talk about.

Overall it was a very Good visit, we reviewed a number of clients PPC results with the Google Optimisation team and talked about our thoghts to improve them. This allowed some useful strategies to bring back to our clients. We also looked at a number of different advertising revenues such as actually utlising Youtube and Google have a big push on there content network and display advertising at the moment.

Overall my thoughts were very good, Google obviously pushing Yotube, which they do need to make some money from šŸ™‚

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