Definition of Internet Marketing

Right then, who doesn’t know what internet marketing is? You do, and you well if any body doesn’t then let me explain or rather what does the web say about internet marketing? Well before we start it is useful to know that internet marketing has now over taken most type of other marketing techniques. Businesses are more likely to invest in some form of Internet marketing as oppose to taking out a yellow pages advert or some form of print media, why? because search engines have become the place for finding information. Heard of the phrase “Google it”, of course you have because if you want to find something you’ll most likely look on the web, whether its a cinema time or buying clothes you can search from the comfort of your setee (or the floor as I sit watching TV writing this post).

OK so I won’t beat around the bush here’s a few definitions of Internet Marketing:

Leveraging the Internet as a means of communicating a company’s messaging, attracting prospects and customers, and conducting market research.

Strategies and techniques applied on the Internet to support a company’s overall online marketing objectives. Internet Marketing is a potentially broad and complex process that can be customized in order to maximize marketing effectiveness.

The use of the Internet to advertise and sell merchandise or services. This involves use of Web sites and e-mail to inform customers about a product, solicit their questions, and accept their orders directly through the electronic medium.

Hope that explains it to you, if not then please keep checking this site for further insight into what Internet Marketing is.


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