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Finishing Touch Cars is a leading Limo and Wedding Car Hire company based in the West Midlands.

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In a market where competitors enter frequently, offering low prices with little regard for the industry, how can you stay above them, continue to grow leads and increase conversion rate.

Our challenge was to keep Finishing Touch Cars and it various web properties and the forefront of potential customers.

This was underpinned by a bigger problem, had received a Google Penalty from a Previous SEO Agency and had lost rankings for all main keywords.


Our Founder Neil Walker had worked with Finishing Touch Cars at a previous agency over a decade ago and was initially approached by owner Jag Mann when their main site had received a penalty from Google for “Unnatural Links”.

Our approach was to:

  • Identify low quality links, removed them and then submit a disavow file to Google.
  • This was as well as reviewing FTC Adwords Campaign, restructure, update and work on conversion rate to keep leads coming in when organic search results had dropped.
  • Work on other web properties to reduce risk and give other lead driving assets.
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Our objectives both from the client and our own agency perspective were to:

  • Remove the penalty from
  • Optimise Adwords campaign and increase conversion rate
  • Optimise other web properties.
  • Ensure all Analytics, Goal tracking was set up correctly for accurate reports going forward.

Penalty Removal

Removing a ‘Links Penalty is no easy task, had 2,846 links from 907 different domains, many of these links were from:

  • Previous SEO Agency blog networks
  • Low quality directories
  • Spun Articles directory Links
  • Other paid links

The anchor text profile was also heavily weighted towards “limo hire”, so we needed to be careful to remove potentially harmful links but also to dilute the overall anchor text profile.

We also carried out local business directories, submitting to directories which Google uses for its own local results such as Yelp, 118 etc. Working with FTC to gain links from Local School websites as well as some content driven links.

The end result was:

  • Manual Spam Action Revoked
  • Steady climb of all related rankings
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Adwords Split Testing

When FTC suffered the Google penalty they had more reliance and expenditure on Google Adwords, however there had been a steady increase in cost per conversion.

  • Firstly after reviewing FTC analytics, we noticed they were tracking duplicate conversions so the actual cost per conversion was double where they thought they were.
  • Next they were not tracking email clicks or phone calls only web forms
  • The actual web from was huge, off putting to potential customers.

What we did:

We reviewing all aspects of conversion, from what questions customers asked, against what information was presented on the website. We removed the duplciate conversions being tracking and then using Google Tag Manager added tracking for Phone calls and email clicks, this was so we could get a true representation of the sites bench mark conversion rate.

We then created a set of landing pages where we split test the original site against new contact forms, clearer phone numbers and clearer text. this was carried out using Google Optimise.

  • Nearly double the conversion rate
  • Cost Per lead dropped by almost 50%
  • FTC were now getting almost two times the leads for the same cost per month.

Optimising other Web Sites

In order to help FTC expand the offering, we worked on some sister sites and partner brands in order to gain leverage from Organic traffic, this included their wedding car website: becoming its own entity, with a specific focus on its specialism of “Wedding Car Hire”.

We worked with the FTC developer to build an optimised site. We also helped some of their partner sites such:

The results were a collection of websites that have become their own lead generators, each ranking highly for a number of terms across google. All tracked and monitored correctly and growing month to month.

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What Our Client thinks

We have been working with Neil for best part of 10 years now on our various brands such as FT Wedding Cars, Rolls Royce Hire and Limo Hire Birmingham. His knowledge of web marketing and the quality of his work is exceptional and he always delivers results.

It has been a pleasure working with him for all of these years.