Why Video Marketing in 2017 Will Be The Star of Digital

It’s no secret that video marketing is becoming more prevalent, and with social platforms like YouTube and Facebook continuing to be firm favourites, it’s little wonder why visual content is turning into a digital marketer’s go-to for effective advertising.
But why is video marketing so vital in today’s business world?

The Importance of Video in Marketing

When a supplier promotes a certain service or product, the idea is to make the advertisement desireable to the consumer. This was well executed by Apple when they released a video of Taylor Swift running on a treadmill to promote new music subscription, Apple Music.
In the video, the pop singer and voice of the anti-streaming movement is rapping to a Drake song before falling off the treadmill.

This video followed a promo of Taylor rocking out to I Believe In A Thing Called Love by The Darkness and a second video of her lip syncing to Jimmy Eat World’s The Middle.
As a business owner, it’s crucial you understand how an intriguing video can separate you from your competition and how it can attract a widespread audience. In fact, 82% of marketing professionals find videos to be an effective tool.
That’s not to say that written content isn’t useful, and we’re not all fortunate enough to have a universal pop star feature in our videos, but for brands that want to showcase a product that’s easy to view on the go and get people talking, visual advertising is key.

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Social Media Video Marketing

Facebook is a top contender when it comes to promoting videos online, so it seems fitting that many businesses look to this social media platform to promote products. After all, everything at Facebook seems to be growing at an alarming rate and with 100 million hours of daily video watch time, it’s easy to see why.
Take food channels like Tasty and Proper Tasty.
After the New York-based Facebook group, Tasty gained 30 million followers, BuzzFeed followed suit and launched Proper Tasty, a channel dedicated to British people who cannot get enough of comfort food.
It’s the fastest growing Facebook page BuzzFeed have ever launched with an impressive 190 million video views in just a month.

Tasty and Proper Tasty’s success comes down to a few factors. Firstly, people love delicious food – there’s no mistaking that. The videos are sped up, the recipes are simple and they are tailormade for the Facebook website so viewers can enjoy them on a tablet or mobile device wherever they are.
The fact that the sound is disabled and the video plays automatically when you’re scrolling through your newsfeed is just an added (yet sneakily sinful) bonus!

The Future of Video Marketing

Certain topics – like the Proper Tasty videos – benefit more from visual advertising, but there aren’t many topics that wouldn’t be improved by video content.
YouTube has become more than just a portal for funny animal videos or undiscovered musicians trying to break the music industry. And when you realise that YouTube has over a billion users (a third of internet users), it’s understandable that business leaders are turning to video marketing to boost their brand.
1. Advertise directly to the audience
Video marketing allows you to present products in a conversational form resulting in an individual approach that targets your audience perfectly.
2. Appeal to the ‘lazy buyer’
In today’s fast-paced world, people don’t tend to have time to sit and read long advertisements made up of detailed descriptions. Modern customers want to see the product right there and then.
ASOS released a video back in 2014 where browsers were able to use the colour palette on the video to view various items of clothing in different colours. The video shows girl band Juce dancing in a range of scenes to promote the online fashion retailer.
Launching an interactive video allowed ASOS to advertise products in a cool, quirky way that required minimal effort from consumers. Plus, it was fun!

3. Increase your sales
A lot of people are visual so they need to see a product before buying it to ensure that it fits in with their requirements. In fact, 65% of the population are visual learners and the brain processes visual information 60,000 faster than text.
A video has a much stronger chance of attracting a customer and generating a sale which will direct traffic to your website/social media channels – win, win!
4. Raise customer trust
If you advertise your products and services through a video, customers are more likely to be loyal to your product because they are able to see it for themselves.
Psst, it can’t hurt to add an employee featurette in your video to show off your brand’s personality!
Video marketing is becoming much more affordable and easy to share due to advanced technologies. Whether you want to promote a product or you want to share easy recipes like Proper Tasty, there’s no reason why advertising your brand visually can’t work for you.
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