5 Digital Marketing Trends That Will Boost Your Strategy in 2017

Digital marketing is evolving faster than you can blink, and with a new year ahead of us, it’s only natural that we’ll start to see even more changes in the digital tide.
But when it comes to the biggest digital marketing trends, what exactly can we expect from 2017 and how will these trends help your business to grow?

Live Video

Top 3 benefits of live video

  • Brand exposure
  • Urgent content
  • Better interaction with customers

In-the-moment content is hugely popular among social media users, and now that the internet is faster than ever, mobile live video has become a trend in its own right.

Live streaming events is ideal for showcasing content worldwide. With one camera, the event’s audience size may surpass the numbers a physical event could reach. The fact that your live stream can be accessed by anyone on the web gives it a sense of urgency and makes the audience feel like they’re experiencing the event while it’s happening.
The first Presidential debate is a perfect example of how much coverage an event can get from simply streaming it live and Facebook was one of the first social media platforms to include live streaming as one of their latest features.

(Image: Business 2 Community)
Live video is ideal for boosting your social interaction as it gets people talking online and you could even meet your next potential client through this kind of engagement… who knows?!

Data Visualisation Tools

Top 3 benefits of data visualisation tools

  • Accurate data
  • Sophisticated technology
  • Versatile for every business type

If you’re a marketer, data analysis is your oxygen.

It’s vital that we have useful data in order to tell us who’s buying our products; when and why people are buying our products; and what social ad campaigns are the most effective. Now that technology is becoming the forefront of the digital world, there are tons of data visualisation tools to choose from.
These tools are already popular but 2017 will likely see more companies jumping on the bandwagon and incorporating them into their digital marketing strategies.

Augmented Reality

Top 3 benefits of augmented reality

  • Unique content
  • Virality factor
  • Interactive

No one anticipated how popular Pokémon Go was going to be and although it’s popularity has seen some decline, the app had two very distinct effects: it’s shown marketers that the earning potential is huge and it’s opened the doors to augmented reality.
Because of the impact Pokémon Go has had on consumers (it was downloaded 50 million times on Android in the first 19 days), it’s almost certain that more brands will release AR games in 2017 to maximise business growth and attract a wider audience.
AR is still very much in its infancy so it’s almost inevitable that brands will grab it with both hands in 2017 and incorporate it into their digital marketing strategy as a fresh way to appeal to new audiences.
As time evolves we could see more digital and PR companies using this entertaining and creative method of advertising on their websites and social media platforms.

Mobile Advertising

Top 3 benefits of mobile advertising

  • Accessibility
  • Creative options
  • Personal to your brand

Mobile advertising has been around for a while so it’s not necessarily something new for 2017. However, more companies have adopted mobile responsive web design so that they can advertise their products across a range of devices with easy-to-navigate features.

In the past, many retail companies’ conversion rates have been considerably lower on smartphones than on a desktop, so 2017 could be the year when brands start to make changes in order to improve mobile optimisation.
Desktop is still likely to be the most popular option but with mobile devices advancing all the time, the gates are open for brands to use these new and improved technologies to showcase their products and services in the best possible light.

Personal Content

Top 3 benefits of personal content

  • Relevant to the reader
  • Helps to develop relationships
  • Builds credibility

Brands are constantly thinking of ways to connect with their audience on a more personal level which is why it won’t be so unlikely if we start to see a rise in more personal and relevant content this year.

Since it’s important for brands to build relationships with their consumers in order to turn them into loyal customers, brands need to market themselves to others. This will help to promote themselves as a trustworthy and reliable company that customers will want to engage with and find out more about.
Take the time to figure out what your skills are and what kind of content your audience is looking out for because this will enable you to sell your brand more effectively in order to connect with the right people.

So there you have it! Our top 5 trends that will help boost your strategy in 2017 that will certainly get your brand noticed for all the right reasons.

If you’ve spotted a trend that you predict will take off in 2017 and we haven’t mentioned it, why not tweet us at @theukseo and let us know!